The All-In-One Solution

The OBC V2X offers an All-in-One Solution that seamlessly integrates with global charging standards and diverse network topologies. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and achieving exceptional efficiency, it stands out as the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.


High DC Voltage Levels in two Versions of the OBC V2X:
OBC_V2X_550 (200-550/70A)
OBC_V2X_950 (420-950V/40A)
Universal Grid Compatibility (UGC)
Support of nearly all grid-topologies worldwide,
and generator supply
Parallelable/Scalable in most operation modes with up to 4 Units
Adaptive Charging
Adaptive Charging for all type of HV Batteries, Wired-Vehicle-Operation (optional without battery)
Outstanding efficiency up to 97%
Functional Safety
Functional Safety ISO-26262 and DIN 61508 compliant
Enhanced Vehicle Charge Control (EVCC)
Integrated DC Charge Control using EPLC (Embedded Power Line Communication).
Universal Charging Standards
Type 1/2, CCS 1/2, AC Direct Mode,
optional: CHAdeMO, GB/T, NACS