About Stercom

About us

We founded Stercom in 2014 with the vision of helping to shape a livable and ecological future through new ideas and innovations. Efficient and safe energy storage and optimized charging technology are our contribution to ecological progress.

Our team of recognized experts attaches great importance to looking after you from conception through implementation to integration and certification and to developing the best possible technology for your challenge.

Regardless of whether it is for industrial storage systems, mobile systems for commercial vehicles, in rail technology or for demanding test systems. We have the right product or find the right approach. Trust in our broad expertise.

Dipl. Ing. (univ) Robert Sterff, CEO & Founder

  • Responsible for strategic corporate development and sales.
  • More than 25 years experience in senior positions at companies in the fields of power engineering, electrical energy storage, drive technology
  • Recognized expert for high performance memory with "UltraCaps" or "Li batteries"

Dipl. Ing. (univ) Martin Kutschker, CTO

  • Responsible for R&D and system engineering.
  • More than 20 years of experience in the field of innovative development.
  • Responsible for R&D at well-known companies such as Continental, Transtechnik, Knorr Bremse
  • Stercom since August 2016

Rudi Pauls, COO

  • Responsible for operations, system development and quality
  • More than 25 years experience in production, purchasing, system development, quality
  • Leading positions in well-known companies such as Transtechnik, Knorr Bremse
  • Stercom since mid-2015

Stercom Power Solutions GmbH (Headquater)

Ziegelstraße 1
D - 83629 Weyarn

Fon: +49 (0) 8020 33996 -0

Stercom Power Solutions GmbH - Werk 2 (Production)
Mühltal 3
D–83626 Valley