Power and Charging

Power and Charging

Li-Ion battery systems or UltraCap storage systems require adaptive chargers that, in close communication with the battery management, charge the battery not only as quickly as possible, but also safely, efficiently and in a way that optimizes the battery cycle life. Our power modules with state of the art ultra fast silicon carbide switching components, efficient control technology, developed according to the latest requirements of functional safety guarantee this claim.

Stercom's product range includes the ultra-compact and efficient AC / DC OnBoard Charger 22kW for high-voltage batteries up to 850V, stationary DC wall-boxes up to 44kW for CCS charging in the field of e-mobility, AFE high-performance chargers up to 500kW and 1500V for stationary large-scale energy storage, buck-boost DC / DC converter for the active connection of storage systems and last but not least the ICI charging station. ICI (pronounced: easy = Inductive Charge Inverter) for the eady fast charging at every opportunity.
Unmatched efficiency, perfectly matched to the battery.

From the beginning of 2022, both the OBC_22kW and the DC wallboxes will be available bidirectionally for the "Vehicle to Grid" mode.

OnBoard Charger 22 kW (OBC)

Stercom's OnBoard Charger is compatible with all standard AC charging station and wall boxes sypporting Type 2 charging. Its modern silicon carbide switching technology allows for ultra-conpact design and a trend-setting efficiency of up to 96%. Our adaptive fast charging profile is suitable for all Li-Ion high-voltage batteries and guarantees fast and life protecting charging.. Stercoms integrated ePLC module manages CCS DC-charging as an option.

OnBoard Charger V2X

The OBC V2X offers an All-in-One Solution that seamlessly integrates with global charging standards and diverse network topologies. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and achieving exceptional efficiency, it stands out as the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

String Power Booster (SPB)

Our bidirectional DC/DC converter SPB (String Power Booster) actively connects storage systems, regenerative energy sources or loads via a DC link. It can peakshaving, connect different storage systems, or compensate voltage differences in systems with DC bus coupling.

ICI High Power Charging Station

With the ICI High Power charging station, electrical power is transmitted inductively, i.e. wireless through a stationary magnet coil into a secondary coil e.g. in a vehicle. Depending on the transmission power, also big high voltage batteries can be charged quick and savely, wherever the opportunity arises.