Cell and Batterymanagement

Cell- and Batterymanagement

Any serial connection of battery or UltraCap cells is only as good as its weakest cell. Our "Dynamic Cell Balancing" (DCB) detects deviations in individual cells at the module level precisely and right from the start and ensures that every deviation in the entire string is immediately compensated for. This allows the existing capacity of the battery to be used more efficiently and is one of the essential keys to safety and the best possible service life. The higher-level string and battery management organizes the optimal balancing strategy, reliably and precisely determines the most important battery states such as SoH and SoC, controls the optimized charging strategy and can even configure and organize multi-string systems automatically.

Stercom BMS for optimal use of battery capacity and optimal service life

Mobile BMS

Our battery management system, specifically designed for mobile applications, is the ideal BMS for your vehicle! Based on our Dynamic Cell Balancing (DCB), all required components can be specially adapted to your requirements. Our mobile BMS is designed with functional safety in mind and conforms to DIN EN 61508 and ISO 26262.

BMS for industrial Battery Storage

The Stercom Battery Management (BMS) consists of the “Dynamic Cell Balancing” (DCB) boards integrated in the battery module and the higher-level String Management in (SMU).