String Power Booster (SPB)

as bidirectional DC/DC-Converter


  • Active connection of a storage stack with max 800 V
  • Bidirectional running, charging and discharging controlled by programmable „operation modes“
  • System power limitation, load shaving, UPS, manual loading
  • DC/DC Converter 30 kW/100 A, short term overload capacity
  • Ultracompact because of SiC-Technology

In DC coupled systems, different energy sources like batteries, fuel cells, UltraCaps, photovoltaic panelse tc are connected via a common DC intermediate circuit. Because of the different voltage levels, "DC / DC Buck Boost converters" must actively connect such loads to a constant DC link voltage.

Stercom's String Power Booster SPB_30kW allows simple system configuration and a fast regulation using the bidirectional fast voltage drop mode control. The SPB is available as 30KW / 100A performance class and allows input / output voltages of up to 1000V. The SPB power can be scaled up to approx. 120kW through parallel connection. Since the SPB is preferably used to connect battery and UltraCap strings, we have also integrated two-pole DC isolators, fuses and a string management controller in our SPB_30kW.
The SPB is available as a 19 “module with 4U or as a Mobile Box IP67.


  • Captive increase
  • Loadshifting & PulsePower
  • Energy Recovery
  • Emergency Power (UPS function)