Charge batteries faster with up to 22 kW

Delivery start of the new OnBoard Charger

  • AC fast charge in less than 3 hours with 22 kW
  • Compatible with all standard AC charging stations
  • Optionally integrated Power Line Communication (PLC) for DC fast charging
  • Two voltage versions for batteries from 200 V to 400 V or 400 V to 800 V.
  • Scalable through parallel connection of up to 8 OnBoard Chargers for AC High Power applications

Weyarn, 05.09.2019.

The ability to fully charge batteries within a short period of time is a key factor in deciding on the success of electromobility, alongside sufficient infrastructure and high-performance batteries. Stercom Power Solutions is launching a flagship product, the OnBoard Charger 22kW (OBC_22kW), which is a response to the current long AC charge times. "The OnBoard Charger OBC_22kW also enables a significantly shorter charging time of the vehicle batteries, even with AC charging. With a 32 A AC wallbox even large batteries can be fully charged in just under three hours in the fast charging process. Its volume and weight differ only insignificantly from those of smaller onboard chargers, "says Robert Sterff, Managing Director of Stercom Power Solutions.

The quantum leap in volume and weight was made possible by the use of the latest Silicon Carbide semiconductors with the lowest switching losses and the use of efficient cooling technology. The Stercom OBC_22kW sets new standards in terms of energy density and performance in its class.

It is available in two versions for vehicle batteries from 200 V to 400 V or alternatively from 400 V to 800 V. Both versions deliver a real 22 kW in their voltage ranges. "An advantage of the OnBoard Charger is also its scalability. For AC high-power applications, up to eight devices can be connected in parallel, "says Sterff. In addition to charging via the AC Wallbox, the new OBC also includes a Power Line Communication (PLC), which, as an alternative, enables even faster DC charging.

The new OnBoard Charger shows its potential especially in combination with the charging system ICI (Inductive Charge Inverter) from Stercom Power Solutions. The inductive fast charging system with 22 kW also makes it possible to recharge batteries with high performance without contact. In public transport can be done at bus stops a quick partial charge of the battery. Due to the possibility of regular recharging, the battery size can be significantly reduced while maintaining the same range. The thus lower to be accelerated mass is again energy-saving and environmentally friendly. An aspect which is also taken into account by the OBC due to its low dead weight.

Visit us at the eMove360 ° in Munich - Hall A6, Stand 403 - and convince yourself of our new OnBoard Charger.

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