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Tesvolt takes stake in Stercom Power Solutions

Battery storage manufacturer takes stakes in the technology leader for high-performance storage systems and innovative charging technology

Weyarn, Wittenberg, July 7th, 2021 - Stercom won Tesvolt as a strategic partner. Two innovation leaders in the fields of electricity storage and innovative charging technology and high-performance storage are thus bundling their competencies. Both companies want to join forces to promote wireless charging of e-cars, buses and trucks and thus make electric driving even faster, more efficient and cheaper. Tesvolt, as an expert in electricity storage, who has already been awarded several innovation prizes, and the think tank for high-performance charging are sure to provide the right answers to outstanding questions in a timely manner.

Unlimited reach with "Opportunity Charging"

"Stercom is an absolute technology specialist and one of the first to develop really good products in the field of induction charging," explains Simon Schandert, founder and technical director of Tesvolt. “Our goal is to jointly bring highly efficient charging systems onto the market and, in the medium term, even enable inductive supercharging with a charging capacity of up to 200 kW. This would mean that charging while driving would also be efficient in the future. "

With wireless charging, electrical energy is transmitted inductively, i.e. contactless, from a magnet coil in or on the floor to the receiver coil in the electric vehicle. Many short but fast charging processes are possible - for example in front of shopping centers, in parking garages, but also at home. Car manufacturers such as Audi and BMW are already installing charging coils in new vehicle models.

44 kW inductive charging station

“So far, series-ready wireless charging has only been standard with 3.2 kW. We want to bring an inductive charging station with a charging capacity of 44 kW onto the market, which means charging 14 times faster, ”explains Daniel Hannemann, founder and commercial director of Tesvolt. "Stercom's silicon carbide technology, which is ready for the market, allows very efficient energy transmission with 95 percent efficiency - and a distance of up to 20 cm between the transmitter and receiver coil, which no other provider on the market can do so far." In addition, the charging stations become intelligent software that shows the parking pilot the correct vehicle position via the solenoid.

Cheaper e-cars thanks to smaller batteries

“The many small charging processes make large traction batteries superfluous for many applications; the batteries only need to be around half the size. That makes e-mobility significantly cheaper and lighter, especially in public and urban operations, ”says Robert Sterff, founder and managing director of Stercom. However, short charging processes with high performance place higher demands on the vehicle battery. “In Germany there is a lot of research going on into solid-state batteries, which are particularly well suited for this. Charging wherever the opportunity arises, that is one of the keys to truly efficient e-mobility "

The first vehicles charge wirelessly

There are still other challenges with inductive charging. For example, the question of how wireless charging can be billed remains unanswered. The corresponding DIN standard 61980-1 "Contactless energy transmission systems for electric vehicles" is still in development. "Special vehicles and test vehicles from international manufacturers are already on the road with inductive supercharging, with Stercom also supplying some of the vehicle equipment," reports Sterff. Wireless charging is one of the building blocks for an emission-free mobile future. Test tracks with magnetic coils under the asphalt already exist in countries such as Italy, France and Sweden. BMW predicts nationwide inductive charging even by 2030.

About Tesvolt

Tesvolt specializes in battery storage for trade and industry. The innovative company produces intelligent lithium power storage with prismatic battery cells from Samsung SDI based on nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide. Tesvolt produces its commercial storage solutions in series in the first Gigafactory for commercial battery storage in Europe at the Wittenberg location and delivers them all over the world. Tesvolt has already implemented over 2,200 storage projects and employs almost 100 people. The young company has already received several awards, including the German Start-Up Prize in the “Newcomers” category, the “TOP 100” innovation prize and the international award for rural electrification (ARE).

About Stercom

Stercom Power Solutions is an innovation leader in the field of inductive and conductive charging as well as high-performance storage devices and high-current test systems. The company from the south of Munich, founded in 2014, bundles outstanding know-how in its team around the efficiency and safety of systems with high voltages and currents. Stercom's high-performance storage systems are in use worldwide, as a booster for “Launch roller coasters” or for the large-scale research facilities “Einstein Elevator” at Leibniz University Hannover with the largest supercap storage system in Europe. This is the only way to achieve the necessary accelerations to start a "parabolic flight" to simulate weightlessness.