Mobile BMS

Battery Management System for mobile Applications

Our Battery Management System is specifically designed for on- and off highway vehicles with large high voltage batteries.

We use Dynamic Cell Balancing (DCB) and String Management for precise monitoring and extendend cycle life of all common cell chemistries and topologies.

Our mobile BMS is designed to meet functional safety requirements according to DIN EN 61508 and ISO 26262.

System Features

  • Automatic Detection of SMC arrangement
  • AutoConfig Features to automatically detect number of modules/number of strings
  • Integrated pre-charge function
  • CANopen 2.0B /SAE J 1939 or ModBus TCP/IP System Interface
  • Standard load current level 500A or 1000A on request
  • CCS DC Charging Capability via EPLC
  • Firmware Download Features with Service Tool
  • Very Low Self Consumption in Sleep Mode
  • Prepared for DIN ISO 26262 Functional Safety
  • Level ASiL B and DIN 61508 SIL2

BMS Features

  • High resolution current and SoC measurementBattery and Cell Level SoH detection
  • Remaining Energy determination
  • Remaining Useful Life calculation
  • Enhanced self test features
  • Battery operation condition monitoring and warranty management
  • Multi level cell voltage monitoring
  • Open cell detection
  • Temperature controlled current and voltage derating
  • Cell Temperature monitoring
  • Safety disconnection control
  • Differential Current (Earth Fault) Monitoring

Technical Data

Description Value Comment
Cells per board/module 5 - 12 Adjustable by jumper via input connector
Max. voltage of the board 55 V
Min. Voltage of the board 4 V Integrated boost converter
Balancing current 0,45 A Maximum current depending on cell voltage, balancing
resistance = 7.8 Ω
Isolation test voltage 4.000 VAC CellCom interface
Standby consumption < 35 μA No communication and cell voltage measurement
Resolution of the cell voltage 0,1 mV
Dimensions PCB only
Dimensions PSB with Cover
142 x 93 x 30 mm
Digital interfaces CellCom Isolated bus with up to 32 hosts in daisy chain
Temperature sensors 4 outboard NTC +
1 onboard NTC
Optional temperature switches in serial can be used
as max. Temperature protection per cell