High Power and Hybrid Storage

Stercom has specialized in storage systems for mobile and stationary applications with very high charging capacities and thus very short charging times. With our high-power LTO cells, charging rates of more than 20C with over 100,000 cycles over the service life are possible. And this even at very low temperatures down to -10 ° C and with good energy density. If this is still not enough, we simply combine such LTO cells ACTIVELY with the super-fast and powerful SuperCaps. This combination allows charge-discharge times in the range of seconds with several million load cycles over the lifetime. SuperCaps deliver their full performance even at temperatures around -40 ° C The active combination of super-fast (sprinter) SuperCaps with long-lasting (marathon) energy batteries enables application profiles that were previously simply impossible to solve.

LTO High Power Battery Module

Air- or liquid-cooled LTO battery modules with 36Ah LTO cells enable charging rates of continuously 10C andpeak over 20C. Each module consists of 24 prismatic cells and can be configured as a 1P24S, 2P12S or 3P8S arrangement. The integrated DCB Dynamic Cell Balancing allows perfect protection of the cells, even under full load. These modules can be used both mobile and stationary and meet the relevant guidelines and standards.

Stercom LTO battery modules are isolated to meet up to 1500V DC stack voltage. In conjunction with the high-performance SMU, they allow applications with "opportunity charging", high-performance peak shaving or boost applications e.g for fuel cells with an unprecedented static and dynamic service life.

Do it the POWERFUL way!

  • High energy and power density
  • Optimized Liquid cooling for even temperature distribution
  • Compact and lightweigt solution, significant volume reduction due to liquid cooling
  • Long service life to active and thermal management
  • Active cell balancing

Certified according to automotive standards

  • Suitable for multi-string systems with monitoring on single-string and full systems level
  • Development compliance ISO 6469-1, ISO 6469-3, ISO 26262
  • Safety compliance IEC 62619, UN ECE R100
  • Transportation UN 38.3
  • Protection class IP67
  • SOC/ SOH analysis
  • Single cell voltage monitoring and balancing