Starting today we proudly announce the release of our new software V30.07 for both the OBC_22kW450 and OBC_22kW800.

V30.07 includes the following improvement and new features:

  • Full support of the CAN SAE J1939 Software stack
  • SAE J 1939 Diagnostic Messages for improved HV system trouble shooting
  • Improved regulation behavior in poor grid quality or generator supply applications
  • Improved parallel (cluster) operation in various AC input modes
  • Optimized CCS DC charging in combination with the integrated EPLC module based on the DIN 70121 standard.
  • Enhanced DC charging standard ISO 15118 in preparation

This new software supports the new CAN SAE J 1939 protocol V5.2 which is mandatory for customers using the DC charge with the embedded EPLC module or the enhanced cluster operations.

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