Einstein Elevator

Advances in gravitational research by Einstein Elevator

The Einstein Elevator is a 34 million euro large-scale research facility of the Hannover Institute of Technology (HITec) of the Leibnitz University with the aim of interdisciplinary new insights into the behavior of different substances under weightlessness or adjustable gravity to allow.

Due to the extreme acceleration of a ton-heavy experimental capsule in a 40 m high tower, it enters a parabolic flight and is then in a state of almost complete weightlessness for about 4 seconds.

Unlike similar experiments - such as the drop tower in Bremen, where weightlessness can be simulated three times a day - the innovative, linear drive technology (see magnetic levitation trains), a vacuumed experimental capsule and the fast rechargeable high-performance accumulator allow up to 100 times a day a new experiment possible. The necessary enormous drive power would overwhelm the normal network.

Therefore, an electrical high-performance storage unit by Stercom Power Solutions GmbH is used as a "buffer" or "booster".