PowerSlide UltraCap Rack System


  • Variable plug-in system
  • Modular construction kit
  • Configurable stack voltages and powers
  • Active or passive connection to a DC link
  • Integrated energy management
  • Hybrid systems with batteries and ultracaps
  • Intelligent dynamic cell balancing
  • Integrated pre-charging function
  • Optional integrated service discharge


  • Power booster
  • DC stabilization
  • AC stabilization
  • Performance test systems

PowerSlide UC-Slot

Depending on requirements, our PowerSlide UltraCap slot is available in 83 F or 42 F variants. Peak power 80 kW, peak current 800 A, continuous current 230 A or 140 A, ESR 7,3 mOhm, or 17 mOhm. Automatic recognition of configuration and number of modules.

String Management Unit (SMU)

Self-consumption increase: Consumption of self-generated electricity to reduce electricity costs. Loadshifting & PulsePower: Covering consumption peaks and therefore cost reduction due to smaller grid connection. Energy Recovery: Benefits of cyclic energy processes through energy recovery. Emergency power supply: Uninterruptible power supply during a temporary power failure

String Power Booster (SPB)

The bidirectional DC/DC converter SPB (String Power Booster) actively connects storage systems, regenerative energy sources or loads via a DC link. It can cap energy peaks from the network by providing it from the energy store (Peak Shaving), connect different storage systems with each other, or simply compensate voltage differences in systems with DC link coupling.